Hi Friends,

My name is Rahul Kashyap. I am From India (Delhi). I have a pet shop, which I have been running for a long time. I have been in this line since childhood, so I have a lot of knowledge of Pets. I want to give you information about Pets through Pet House Gallery.

We should also keep animals with love because they are unique and they can not tell their pain to anyone. We have no right to bother them in any way, whether they are pets or stray. So why can't we make them part of our family? We cannot keep them in our house but we can definitely give them some love. I will share with you all kinds of information related to Pets.

I will tell you here how to take care of the pet? What should they feed? How should they be treated? Here you will also get information about the medical treatment of pets. In this blog of mine, I will tell you about the information about the pet as well as about fish aquariums.

If you have a pet in your house, I hope you will definitely like my blog. So, let's take you to a lovely world of pets. If you want any kind of information about Pets then you can also contact me.

Thank you so much to reading my blog!

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