The Essential Bedroom Furniture Items

Bedroom Furniture

In our daily lives, we cannot help but see the influence of the people we know and love, especially our family and friends. This is why it is important to have the right bedroom furniture. When choosing bedroom furniture, you must consider a number of factors. You must pick the one that complements the style and design of your room. A good piece of furniture will not only enhance your bedroom, it will also make you feel comfortable and at ease. Here are the top essential bedroom furniture items you need to buy:

Must Have Bedroom Furniture

1. The Bed. The bed is the first major purchase when furnishing a bedroom, and as such, it ought to be the most important piece of bedroom furniture you buy. This essential piece of furniture is the focal point of the room, and as such, you will construct your whole room around it

I would also say that the bed is an essential bedroom furniture item that a lot of people overlook. Not only is it the main piece of home furniture, but it is by far the most used. A lot of people have upholstered furniture; however, I would not recommend getting a set of upholstered furniture if you do not have a bed in it. I'm not saying that it wouldn't look good, but there's just something about upholstered furniture that makes it so comfortable.

2. The Bedroom Dresser. The bedroom dresser is another essential bedroom furniture item. This particular piece of home furniture is great for extra storage space and for coordinating the rest of your bedroom. I would recommend this as one of your first purchases if you're looking to get some extra storage space. They are usually fairly cheap, too, so you shouldn't have any problems finding one to meet your needs. If you don't know what kind of dresser you should get, though, it might take a little research on your part to make sure you get one that meets your needs.

3. The Nightstand. This is another important piece of essential bedroom furniture. You'll find that each manufacturer has a different type of nightstand. Some of them will have one single shelf, a few that will hold a couple of books, and some that will hold a few sets of books. I personally prefer a nightstand that will hold several sets of books, since I love to read. A single shelf will usually be insufficient for me.

4. The Headboard. This is, in my opinion, the most important piece of bedroom furniture that you can buy. The headboard is the foundation of the bed. It will keep your mattress in place, and keep the rest of the bedroom in place, as well. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get a headboard that will fit your single bed perfectly.

5. The Media Unit. A media unit is usually needed to store all of your DVDs and CDs that you own. (CDs are usually not included with a bed, but they are sometimes available separately if you buy an entire bed set.) A good media unit is an essential bedroom furniture item.

6. Bed Bases. These are the frames that your nightstand will rest on. There are many different types of bed bases available. I have two types: designer wooden bed bases, which look beautiful in any bedroom, and metal bed bases, which make your room look more modern and/or warm, depending on what type metal you choose.

7. Headboards and Shelves. The headboard is the top piece of essential bedroom furniture that everyone notices. A great headboard should include two-way floor hinges so you can open your bed up completely and display a picture behind the headboard.

8. Mattress. This is the centerpiece of the bedroom furniture, and it should be comfortable and supportive. There are several types of mattresses available, including memory foam, innerspring, air, etc. My personal favorite is the memory foam mattress, simply because it is so supportive and comfy.

9. Wardrobe. Now, this is a place where you will want to make sure that you spend some time. A good quality wardrobe will hold all your clothes and shoes for many years, so you want to make sure that you pick out a durable wardrobe that will hold a lot of wear and tear. Some good-quality wardrobes that come in wood or metal are worth a lot of money, but you can also find many affordable styles and colours online or in designer stores.


If you want to save a little money when buying bedroom furniture, then you can get bed bases separately. There are bed bases that come with drawers already installed, or there are those that you have to buy separately. Whatever you decide on, it is important to have a bed base or a drawer or two to put items like your telephones and computers on, and to provide some sort of support to your mattress. It would be a big waste to have a bed that collapses down every time you take a shower.


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