Great Ways to Make Pergolas for Pergolas Lovers


Pergolas are more than just an element in your backyard beautiful garden. They are the reason where you get gossip with your neighbor, friends and family in the open air. Thanks to them, you can pick to rest peacefully in your garden and even you can customize them at your whim!

If you are a lover of pergolas and their great uses for your home or garden the online web have many resource pergolas most indicated for you, you will be at home. We will show you all the tricks so you can enjoy a attractive pergola in your own garden.

Types of pergolas. What is your ideal pergola?

There are several types and models. Therefore, it is normal that you do not know which of them best suits your needs. We have classified them to make it easier for you to find your ideal pergola.

According to the material that is made by, we find wooden pergolas, iron, aluminum, concrete and many combinations between them.

Depending on the type of structure they have, there are independent pergolas and wall ones. The wall are those that are attached to any wall of your home and work as a gallery, carport or garage for cars. That is, once set up you can not move them. On the other hand, the independent ones are those that you can place them in any place of your garden or terrace, being able to assemble and disassemble them without any problems.

Depending on the architectural style, you can find modern, tropical, oriental, rustic, vintage, colonial pergolas, etc.


Finally you can also find different models of best pergolas according to their manufacturers. Among some brands such as Archiexpo, baldwinpergolas, Branson Leisure, Haddonstone and many others stand out.

You can browse through our menu and we will give you a hand to find that pergola that you were looking for and the one that will give that fresh and cozy atmosphere in your own home. 

What is the difference between a pergola and a tent?

The tent has a structure very similar to that of a pergola. But the place and time where they are used are very different.

The pergola, as we have seen, has a primarily decorative function, in home and garden environments. In addition, once assembled, it usually remains fixed for a long time. Because it is made of heavier materials. On the other hand, a tent has a mostly protective function in outdoor areas, for example, tents are used in weddings, receptions, outdoor events, fairs, barbecues, etc. They have folding awnings and are easy to assemble and disassemble. Because they are made mostly of light metal materials. So it makes it a particularly mobile structure.


In we have created special items not only for the pergolas but also for each of its variants, such as the tents.

Do you want to see some gardens with pergolas? Here we show you a variety of photos of types and models most commonly used as decoration in residences and outdoor spaces, of different materials and dimensions.


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