Amazing Ideas to Clean The Barbecue Grill

Barbecue Cleaning

Everyone likes to enjoy a good barbecue with friends! What I do not like much that comes next. Cleaning. For that, the barbecue has always seemed a nuisance to me. What happen if we do not like that? We explore you in this post. Moreover, as of today the excuses for not having one have been finished! 

What Type of  Clean You Need

Although it is not require most exciting plan, cleaning your barbecue is essential to get amusing results and prevent it from rusting. For this, various methods are used. What’s yours? 

The Conscience with the Environment

Vinegar, is not only an ingredient for salads. Environmentally conscious chefs also use it to clean their barbecue grills.

Barbecue Cleaning

How to do this: pour two cups of vinegar into a bottle with a spray dispenser and add two cups of water. Spray the rods of the grill with all the water and vinegar solution through the top and bottom side to soak the entire grill. Let it dry for ten minutes (at least). Meanwhile, fill the jar with vinegar. Sprinkle on a Scrub Sponge with that vinegar and use it to rub the inside of the barbecue. No need to rinse it. 

How To Clean the Grill

If you ask your grandparents for advice to clean the barbecue. They will tell you that a strong cleaning product that does an excellent job.

Put a few drops of this product on a rough sponge and rub it on the grill grids. Leave it at least fifteen minutes removes the dirt. Then, wet the grill with clean water and repeat the process again. 

The One That Saves Time

Do you want to save time and effort when cleaning your barbecue? Forget about all those legends that say the dishwasher is not suitable for cleaning your grill. Prepare it in the best possible way before to putting it into the dishwasher. Soak the rods in the sink and scrape the remaining residues. Then, place it in the lower drawer and select the additional Intensive Zone option. While your friends and you are with the dessert, the dishwasher will be doing the dirty work.

Barbecue Cleaning

The Barbecue Professionals

The barbecue professionals know that cooking at high temperatures gives you a huge advantage when cleaning the grill. Every time you turn on the barbecue, you let the grill warm up with intensity for five minutes. This will burn any remaining food. Afterwards, rubbing with a good grill brush will easily eliminate what remains. If you still do not have one, you should think about getting a good grill brush with a long handle and hard bristles or, in any case, using a scouring pad. With them, work will be a piece of cake!

Enjoy your barbecue “station”. 

Cleaning the Grill

If you want to avoid the work at the time of cleaning, one of the things you can do is use a grill pan. Another solution to avoid leaving traces of dirt on the grill is to spread a piece of paper in a little olive oil and, with a pair of tweezers, rub it evenly on the grill.

Barbecue Cleaning

What You Must Not Do

Do not use harsh chemicals or high-pressure cleaners. Moreover, never to use oven cleaner!

Fix the Grill Inside the House

Moreover, if you do not have a garden or a large terrace, there is no problem. Inside your kitchen, you can cook whatever you want on the grill. Thanks to domino plate with barbecue grill of 30 cm wide. Which you can obtain spectacular results by cooking with its volcanic stones. It can be combined with other types of Domino plate such as induction, gas, glass-ceramic and even TeppanYaki. In addition, you can also combine it with other models of induction hob with Premium finish and glass-ceramic gas hob.

Cleaning is very simple. First of all, let it cool down. Then, follow these steps:

·        Remove the grill.

·        Tilt up the resistance.

·        Remove the tray with the volcanic stones.

Clean the burned remains to soak with a little water with detergent. Do not scratch them

To clean the grill, remove the large debris with a brush. Then soak the grill in the sink and clean it with the brush and detergent. Dry it completely. If there is dirt that persists, you can use cleaning gel for grill, letting it action from 2 hours to all night (depending on the degree of dirt). Next, rinse well and dry.

Barbecue Cleaning

For the volcanic stone tray, remove the stones or let the water out. Afterwards, clean it in the sink with a brush and detergent then dry it with a soft cloth. If something is resistant, you can also use the gel mentioned above.

The stones should be dried in the oven at 200ÂșC. So that no mold comes out. When they turn black, you will have to replace them. You can buy your new volcanic stones in the online store.

Finally, clean the control panel and glass ceramic lid with a soft, damp cloth with a little detergent. Then, dry it with another cloth.


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