Looking for Room Decor Ideas for Kids? Here are Some Useful Tips

Room Decor Ideas

Parenthood comes with many challenges no doubt, some are easier some are complex and frustrating. Decorating your kid’s room is one of the most complex challenges. How? You may ask how a room décor can prove to be a complex task. Well at Furniture Market in Grand Prairie, many parents come and share their experience in this regard. Your child may love the color blue today but a week later, green is the new favorite and trendy color in town. Likewise, if you are going for a theme then you kid may be into soccer this month but you may find them loving an entirely new sports a few months later.

As a furniture market, we have immense experience in this. We know what works best for children and what needs to be rebuilt after a few years. We prioritize your kid’s interests and personality and creates a room accordingly.

Over the years, we have seen many patterns in the kid’s room and put together a guide to help you decorate your kid’s room with the satisfaction that he/she would love it. 

Furniture Market In Grand Prairie Guide:

Keep these tips in mind from Furniture Market in Grand Prairie TX when you set up your kid’s room:

Room Decor Ideas

Invest in A Bedroom Set

The easiest way to decorate a kid’s room that will actually last long is to get a full piece bedroom set. This way your kids can have their own dressers, study table or desk, extra sets of drawers, and bed. Unlike the wallpapers, wall paint, and even carpet, the bedroom set is a more permanent set of contents in your kid’s room. A full bedroom set also creates much functionality for the kid. A fully functional room is eye candy for the kids and they really enjoy it.

You should ask your kid’s preference in the furniture color. If they like dark color furniture then it is more likely that they will continue to like dark furniture in the future as well.

Ask for Your Child's Preference 

The best way to ensure that your kid will love the room you are designing for them is to add them in the process. Hear the ideas your kid have in mind and then decide what to get for them. There might be a possibility that they want a bunk bed or another giant piece of furniture in their room but if you listen closely to their ideas then you will get to know what they need and how can it be compensated. Nonetheless, you can also get an idea by talking to them that which size bed they want, the type of mattress they are interested in, the color of the bedroom furniture, and the types of decorative items they want around the room or on the walls. All this major information can only be given by the residents of the room and hence it is important to involve your kid in the decorating process.

Room Decor Ideas

Children can also visit the furniture stores with you so that they can test out the couches or mattresses themselves and know what works for them and whatnot. This is a great tip when decorating their room. Our staff at the furniture market is always welcoming towards kids and provides a hospitable environment for them.

Natural Color Palette

The time of gender specified colors is over as now pink is not for girls anymore neither blue is for boys. Even if your kid likes such colors now, he/she will resent it in a few years. Thus, it is better to always choose a neutral palette which is also liked by your kid. This will ensure that you would not have to redo the whole room in less time and your kid will enjoy living in it even when he/she reaches teenage.  

It is recommended that you go for grey, green, beige colors because your kid will also love such colors in the room and would not get bored from them for a long period.

Use of Shapes

Geometrical shapes are the new trend to be used in your kid’s bedroom as it promotes learning and also gives the entire room an attractive look. Shapes are far more creative and interesting to kids and even when they grow up and reach the rebellious teenage phase, they will still be fine with such shapes around their room rather than the Disney prince and princess theme which they would want to rip out as soon as they get a chance.

Room Decor Ideas

Large Storage

When decorating a room for your kids, always remember that you should get more storage than you think your kid would need. Growing up they have many toys and they like to make a collection of things they are interested in. All this requires as much space as possible to keep the room organized. Other than the dresser, get the furniture that has in-built storage in them. This is also great when it comes to organizing your kid’s room as we all know that kids tend to make a mess, thus large storage will be helpful presently and also in the long run.

You can visit our warehouse in Grand Prairie TX and see our huge collection of kid’s bedroom and other furniture that would last your kid’s childhood and also the years to come.


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