Should I get Pet Vitamins and Supplements for my Cat?

pet vitamins and supplements

As humans, we are encouraged to take multivitamins and other nutritional supplements. So, it is natural to wonder if one's pet also needs pet vitamins and supplements? Well, the short answer is vitamins and supplements are an integral part of your cat's diet. If your cat is not getting the essential vitamins and supplements in its diet, it is vital to fulfill the requirement of these nutrients through supplementation. Having mentioned that, here are some key reasons why you should get supplements for your cat.

Giving Your Cat the Best Cat Supplements Improves Energy Levels

If your cat is aging or god forbid looks sick, the first thing you are going to notice is a decrease in its energy levels or overall activity. However, sickness does not have to be the root cause; your cat might merely be lacking essential vitamins, which caused low energy levels. So, if you notice that your cat is not as active as it used to be, it might be time to consult your vet and get your cat some supplements. Multivitamins are some of the best cat supplements you can get for your cat to improve its energy levels.      

Cat Supplements Enhance the Quality of Your Cat's Fur

Every cat owner has faced cat fur problems at some point during their lives. In fact, cat fur problems are considered one of the more common health problems cat owners have to deal with. However, most cat hair problems can be avoided by simply giving your cat some good quality fish oil supplements from online sites like ivspet. Fish oil for cats contains omega-3, which not only helps control abnormal shedding of your cat's hair, but it also helps improve the skin and coat health. The essential fatty acid in fish oil known as omega-3 is usually not found is regular cat foods. This factor makes it even more important to give your cat some healthy fish oil supplements to balance the nutritional needs of your feline friend.

pet vitamins and supplements
Cat Supplements Improve the Immune System Of Your Cat

If your cat has been falling sick a lot more than usual lately, it might be due to nutrient deficiency. Your pet's body needs essential vitamins and minerals to boost its defense against diseases. When your cat is not getting all the vital nutrients in its diet, its immune system can get compromised. So by adding necessary vitamins and fatty acids in your cat's diet, you can help your cat in improving its immunity. Sometimes your cat needs some fish oil supplements to bring its immune system back on track. Since let's face it, cats are naturally tough animals and all they need is a little extra supplementation of essential nutrients to bounce back.

Good Quality Cat Supplements Can Improve Your Cat's Gut Health

Your cat's digestive system affects everything from its mental health to its physical well being. Giving your cat specially designed prebiotics and probiotics, you can help boost its digestive system health. Since cats are meat-eaters, they have extremely strong acid in their guts. Therefore, the prebiotics and probiotics for cats come enclosed in specially designed capsules. This unique packaging allows these capsules to reach the gut of your cat and add to the population of existing healthy bacteria. You will not only notice your cat's digestive health improve after giving it digestive supplements, but a cat with a healthy gut will also have high energy levels and will fall sick less often.

Things to Keep in Mind

Always try to get supplements from quality manufacturers like International Veterinary Sciences. Also, please remember, while it is a good idea to give your cat necessary supplements, you should consult your cats vet if it is on medication.  The reason for this is that some supplements might react with the drugs and create unwanted side effects.


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